Feel The Sound!! Thanks to my brother for sending!

Uploaded highlights from Bahrain

Uploaded highlights from China


Uploaded highlights from Malaysia


Uploaded highlights from Korea



Dark Legends!


I will add/do some livestreams event to this site in the near future!




Played alot of Diablo3 :D



Ok.. So i Decided I will start updating this site again with  some useful stuff :P

Right.. Ive been in GP2 this season. The second highest league within the Apex Racing League system.. ARL is in my opinion the best league to compete in atm, with the best and most skilled drivers out there!

Unfornately, this season, I havent been able to practice for the races with the result that I am a midfielder/bottom driver :(

Hopefully for the next season I will be able to be more competative!


Next race is Suzuka! PB is 26,5 with minimal practice.. This race is very important for me for the remainder of my future career within the ARL! Need to score some points here to keep the distance! Hopefully I wont be reglated to tier 3!!!

If u need some advice in setting your car up or wish to have your own personal intro movie, feel free to register int the forums!!






Gahhh..little practice again!!


Dark Legends PVP :)

Watch live streaming video from iKavliF1 at livestream.com




Gahhh, Havent practiced much for the race tonight...Lets hope for a dry race :)




Little practice so far on Malaysia.. Have my settings sorted but have no clue about strategy.. Guess my brother and I will figure it out this weekend :) Heres a pic of iKavli and Json37 :):) iKavli and Json37


So..Pretty dissapointed at the season start. Im blaming it on my new wheel :) Dont forget to request your own personal intro in the forums!




Havent been on here for a while..Pretty much has happened since last tile.. Got promoted to GP2 and have been doing lots of videos/intros in sony Vegas.. Check out my youtube channel for previews. U can find the link to the right on this page. If u like me to do an intro for you u can request this in the forum section of this site.

Ok.....So I ordered a CSR Wheel.. But unfornately it wont arrive in time for the legue race :/

Doing pretty good on Aus Im quite hopeful.




iRacing Oval Race tomorrow!

I really need to start practice this game and unfornately my PC wheel is broke!!! 



Indian GP this sunday!

Havent done a single lap yet on Indian track! Might do some laps tonight.






Bad race yesterday. Bring on India :) 

For Korea Yeongam setup plz visit the forums and request



Thinking of buying this wheel

The Fanatec CSR

And this Rig

GT Omega Racing Rig



Social Race today! Feeling comfortable with this track now .

Pole with a 29.8 and ended first with a total time of 44:51  

If youre interested in joining probably the biggest and best online racing league plz visit

Apex racing league





No Race this week so Im taking the week off :D




Did a bit of practise yesterday on Korea.Tested out different setups..mainly balance and aligment. I managed a 1.29,802.. Not looking good for Sundays Race :(